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Thank You for All You Do!

At TaleMed, we express our gratitude for your hard work and dedication by providing you with the best pay,
health benefits and support possible. But we also realize that when you employ the top talent in medicine,
you find yourself wanting to do a little more for the amazing people who are the face of our company every
single day.

Thanks for helping make TaleMed consistently one of the top travel nursing companies in the country!

How to navigate TaleMed's Online Company Store

Shopping TaleMed's Online Company Store is Easy:

Step One:Click "Catalog" in the menu, top left of your screen

Step Two:Browse! When you find an item you want, click "buy"

Step Three:Enter the quantity you'd like for the item and click "buy" a second time. This will place the item(s) in your shopping cart

Step Four:Click "continue shopping" or "checkout"

Checkout for first time shoppers: Type in your billing address information. This will be your default shipping address information unless you provide an alternate shipping address.

For returning shoppers: You will already have an account created. Simply type your email address next to "Lookup my profile" to pull up your previously provided information.

Step Five:Choose your shipping address type from the dropdown menu (i.e. permanent tax address, temporary address)

Step Six:Add any special handling instructions in the designated space (below shipping address type)

Step Seven:Click "Now let's proofread what you've entered"

Step Eight:On this page you an edit or finalize your order and proofread that all address information is correct

Step Nine:If you have been awarded a gift credit from TaleMed (Welcome Gift, Birthday, Nurses Day, etc), enter your First Name, Last Name, two-digit birth month, two-digit birth date, with no spaces into the section "Enter Gift Code" (example: JaneDoe0812).

Your credit will be applied.

Step Ten:Complete purchase!

TaleMed Team Members Can Also Make Purchases

Purchases may also be made at any time by team members, at their own expense. 

Team member logo wear orders and Promotional Items will be shipped directly to the office or home location of each individual team member.  All credit amounts include an allowance for shipping and taxes.  

Team members should take extra precautions considering fit and sizing when ordering online, as returns and exchanges are generally not accepted by the vendor or by TaleMed.

Customer Service: For questions about ordering, please email marketing@talemed.com

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